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Making Science Accessible

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Fun Fact Science started as a side project to share daily tweets about random things in science that we thought people would find interesting. The motivation behind this was to make small slices of science available to a wider audience in a way that would be both educational and entertaining. Now, with the launch of this website, we're hoping to do the same thing on a larger scale,

One of the biggest obstacles to the communication of science, as we see it, is the fact that most research is published in the form of academic papers that aren't accessible to the average reader. These papers often contain brilliant insights into understanding the mechanics of the universe but they're generally read by a limited number of people.

We plan to make science more accessible to every student, teacher, and curious mind, regardless of their education or background.

This will include a platform, for scientists from a diverse range of backgrounds, where they can explain their research in their own words, as well as a forum for people to ask questions about different topics.

Of course we won't always have all the answers so we are building a collection of educational tools and resources that our visitors can use for further study on a variety of different topics.

Whether by the mysterious stars in the night sky or tranquil waters running through a stream, humans have always been inspired to explore and investigate the natural world. Our gallery will feature the work of photographers and artists from around the world with the goal of providing inspiration to the next generation.

Science is less about what you know and more about how you think. It's not about the answers you have in your head but the way your mind formulates the questions.

Science isn't about believing - it's about understanding.

We hope to help you understand.

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