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PASSAGE: Providing Aid in Science for South America's General Education

From the first moment I met Lee Giat, it was clear to me that he would change the world one day - I just didn't realise how soon that day would come.

Since the announcement of PASSAGE just a few short weeks ago, people from around the world have thrown their support behind this record-breaking expedition which is set to provide educational resources to underprivileged students throughout Central and South America.

As the son of a Caribbean hurricane aid relief pilot, Lee has being flying since before he could walk; he first flew with his father in a baby carrier when he was just 5 months old.

Now, as a filmmaker, pilot, and science communicator, Lee Giat is preparing to follow in his late father's humanitarian footsteps and bring supplies and science kits to over 2,000 students in countries like Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile.

Roughly 85% of these students live below the poverty line and many are orphaned and/or have limited access to educational opportunities. Lee will be piloting the Spirit of Science - a small research/cargo plane filled with lab equipment, books, supplies, and more - and running student activities, science classes and astronomy nights; as well as STEM education training sessions for local teachers.

I'm privileged to be part of the PASSAGE team along with some truly phenomenal science communicators, researchers, and innovators. This team will provide real-time flight tracking and online engagement activities, as well as producing an a new series of online science master classes. There will also be an engaging documentary film that tells the story of PASSAGE after the flight is completed.

This educational film will encourage continued public support for science communication and highlight the educational and social issues throughout Latin America.

This amazing project is being brought to life by people like you and me and has already raised over $10,000 in crowdfunding towards their $50,000 aid goal. By donating as little as $5 you could make a huge impact and help build the next generation of Latin American scientists, doctors, engineers, and astronauts!

Besides the knowledge that you've made the world a better place, donating to the PASSAGE project also has some great rewards ranging from access to the PASSAGE MasterClass video library, to official gear like the limited edition PASSAGE mission patch.

For more information on the flight or to support this incredible cause, check out the PASSAGE website and GoFundMe page.

PASSAGE Social Media: - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

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